Ingersoll Author Survives Life-threatening Illness to Publish Young Reader Novel

Mike Gagnon

By Mike Gagnon

Ingersoll, ON, Thursday, March 29, 2018 – What would happen if a thirteen-year-old boy named Liam,
dealing with the normal “stuff” of life such as school, bullies and more, was suddenly sucked down a toilet
into another world? What kind of a world would be on the other end of that portal?
This new, hilarious adventure story coming out for ages 10-14 is one to grab your attention and keep you
reading all the way to the end. Liam ends up in a world full of monsters, castles, fortresses, dragons, armies
and more as he tries to navigate through the strangest world he could imagine.
In this captivating adventure, Liam finds he has to figure out how to understand a world and a people who
see everything a little different than he does as he develops new friends and learns to stand strong in the
midst of danger and fear.
Shawn Robinson started to write this novel while laying in the hospital with a deadly disease, wondering if
he would live to see the book’s completion (Spoiler Alert: he lived). In the midst of the tragedy and fear,
Shawn was able to pour his own positive outlook and sense of humor onto each of the pages.
Shawn believes reading is something each child should be encouraged to do, and there is no reason reading
should be anything less than an “edge of your seat” adventure.
This exciting new novel is the first in a trilogy that finds Liam facing the strange world of Arestana, again
and again. This book has also led to a spin-off book of short stories (Jerry the Squirrel: Volume One), based
on one of the characters in the second book in the series, Arestana Book II: The Defense Quest.
Praised by early readers, this book is sure to be a hit among young readers. Shawn P. B. Robinson has run
multiple book launch teams with young people aged 10-14 years old as well as had numerous adult proofreaders
and editors. From these readers, he has consistently received extremely positive reviews.
“This is my favorite book ever.” (a fourteen-year-old girl)
“It wouldn’t matter if someone didn’t have a sense of humor, the adventure in the book is so good it would
keep you reading.” (a thirteen-year-old boy)
“By the time I was at chapter six, I couldn’t put it down and began to neglect other things to keep reading.”
(a 69-year-old retired teacher/librarian)
“I love it.” (a thirteen-year-old girl)
“You have a great imagination and have presented it excellently. Great flow of action. Good, realistic
dialogue. The reader will definitely want to keep the pages turning to find out what happens next to Liam.”
(feedback from an editor)
For additional information or for contact information, please check out the following:
Shawn P. B. Robinson
(for doesn't allow for websites or emails so I guess try looking him up in the yellow pages or contact me, publicist Mike Gagnon 905 329 9424

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