Amer Giles

By Amer Giles

Dear All Breeds Canine Rescue,

I wanted to take the time to write you and tell you how thoroughly disappointing our experience with your agency was. We wanted to do something humane and good by adopting a dog but the amount of hoops you make people jump through is not only unrealistic but harmful to the dogs you’re trying to adopt out. After a meet and greet with the dog we wanted, a truly invasive home inspection, paperwork, and countless emails to build a “case” about my fiancé and myself, it was disheartening to learn you saw us as unfit dog owners. I understand you want “your” dogs to go to good homes but there is a huge difference between a good home and a perfect home. Yes we are imperfect people but we have alternating schedules and the ability to love and nurture a very lovable dog. The worst part is we didn’t want any dog we wanted THE dog we had chosen and bonded with.

I was curious to see if there were any other couples who had a similar experience…and there are hundreds of articles out there about perfect capable dog owners being turned down from various rescue groups for very insignificant reasons. For example, this dog rescue organization will not adopt dogs out to anyone with children under the age of eight. A lot of organizations also do credit checks to see if you can afford a dog and require vet recommendations. How did this become so difficult? In my opinion, a sense of perspective is needed. It shouldn’t be almost as difficult to adopt a child as it is a dog!

I think your organization is really doing more harm than good… maybe we should just buy a dog from a puppy mill. I’m sure we aren’t the only couple to be disheartened by the amount of hoops and paperwork there is involved in adopting a dog and I’m sure many people have given up and just bought a puppy; a puppy they may not have actually been ready for…and a dog that may end up back in your care (or another organization like yours). Do you see how your actions could be cyclical?

Just some food for thought. Maybe you should see people as people and not look at them through your skewed lenses as to what a perfect pet owner should be.

Amber Giles

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