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How to use RSS Feeds?

What are RSS Feeds?

An RSS feed is a file format that allows you to quickly access updated content from our website, at your convenience. It is often depicted by an orange logo with the three curved bars.

An "RSS aggregator," commonly called a reader, allows you to view «Newspaper name» headlines. How does this work? Each page has a feed assigned to it. You choose to subscribe to specific pages of interest (News, Sports, Entertainment, Life, Photos, etc.) by clicking on the RSS logo and feeding the URL into your reader. Once subscribed to the page, you view only the headlines. A script runs every few minutes, updating the feed with new posts. When you click on a headline you´re directed to the full article.

Reading your news in this fashion has become recognized as a very helpful way of saving time and organizing your interests! As a result, the RSS feature is now entertained by almost every news site/blog on the Web.

Three easy steps to access our RSS feeds

  1. You must first install a reader program on your computer. You may search the Web to find appropriate software or select a free program from the list below.
  2. After having installed your RSS software, choose one or more of our news, blog or magazine feeds by clicking on the corresponding RSS icons.
  3. You must then copy the appropriate feed URLs (addresses ending with .xml) and paste them into the appropriate field of your RSS software. This will allow you to instantly receive your selected RSS feeds that you may view at any time.

RSS Clients (otherwise known as 'readers')

Online readers differ from desktop applications in that they are accessible from any computer that has access to the Internet. Some perks of these software programs include: they are easily organized and easily accessible; links may be added quickly; they make browsing more efficient.

Please note that by accessing «Newspaper name» RSS feeds, you agree to our terms of use .

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Terms of use

We are proud to welcome you to the growing family of «Newspaper name» RSS feed users and encourage you to include these feeds on personal websites, on blogs or simply for your information. However, please note that wherever you display content obtained from a Toronto Sun feed, its source must be clearly identified. «Newspaper name» reserves the right to restrict the use of its RSS feeds if the conditions outlined in this section are not met. Commercial use of «Newspaper name» RSS feeds is strictly forbidden.