From left, Doug Robinson, Michelle Murphy, Jim Hill and Angela Carvalho star in ITOPA’s My Darling Judith.

ITOPA opens My Darling Judith on June 15

David and Anna concoct a scheme to get married as soon as possible. The problem is that David is married to Judith, and needs a fast divorce. They recruit Carl to seduce Judith, but things don’t quite go as planned.

A sign on the doors of the Avon Theatre advising patrons of new bag checks being implemented after Monday's bomb threat against the Stratford Festival. JONATHAN JUHA/POSTMEDIA NETWORK

Heightened security at Stratford Festival

STRATFORD – Theatregoers attending Stratford Festival performances Tuesday found themselves waiting a little longer at the doors while Festival officials buffed up security following bomb threats made a a day earlier.

Ingersoll Skating Club takes 'Road Trip'

The Ingersoll Skating Club took a 'road trip' Sunday, March 25 when it held two performances of its annual skating carnival. The theme, Road Trip, included costumes and music from locations such as Hawaii and Paris.