The former Oxford-Elgin Child and Youth Centre will now be known as Wellkin Child and Youth Mental Wellness


New name for OECYC

New name for OECYC



A local agency, who offers mental health services for children and youth, has rebranded itself in an effort to increase visibility and accessibility.

The former Oxford-Elgin Child and Youth Centre will now be known as Wellkin Child and Youth Mental Wellness.

The centre offers mental health care programs and services in four locations across Oxford and Elgin counties, including Woodstock, St. Thomas and satellite offices in Ingersoll and Tillsonburg.

“Our youth told us that our previous name had a strong clinical connotation to it, and they wanted something more youth friendly -- a name they felt comfortable saying and entering,” explained Mamta Chail-Teves, executive director of  the agency. “The name change better promotes the services we are providing.”

The name is inspired by the old English term for wide open blue skies, as well as being a combination of the words wellness and kin, meaning family, friends and community.

“The brand embraces bold, vibrant colours that speak to positivity and promote hope,” she said.” The intertwining of the W in the new logo represents the support and community surrounding an individual.”

The rebranding was developed by Red Rhino with input from select employees, youth, and family members, Chail-Teves said.

Chail-Teves, who has spoken out in the past about a lack of resources for children’s mental health, said her agency continues to be “in crisis with increased demands and needs, and no real assurance of increased resources.”

”Despite an increase in the number of children and youth requiring support, there is no increase in funding to add supports,” Chail-Teves said.  “Therefore, we are in a position where only the children and youth with imminent or acute needs get support and we are not able to provide any preventative of early intervention assistance.

“Our children and youth’s mental health will get worse before they get any support.”