Oxford Fish and Game Club host their 29th annual Kid’s Fishing Day at Zenda Pond

By Chris Funston, Woodstock Sentinel-Review

(File photo)

(File photo)

T​​​​​​​​he pond’s been stocked and lines have been cast.

The Oxford Fish and Game Club hosted its 29th annual Kid’s Fishing day at Zenda Pond on Sunday.

Kids 16 years and younger were invited to take part in the free event where they could learn the ins and outs of fishing in an easy setting.

The club stocked the pond with more than 100 rainbow trout for the kids to catch.

Doug Ross, the Oxford Fish and Game Club conservation chairman, explained the event was a way to give kids an ideal situation to gain an interest in fishing.

“It’ll help give them a boost to go fishing with brothers, family or whatever in a different location that might be a little bit more challenging.”

Weather was on the anglers side for the event, as the sun shone on the pond and bugs were at a minimum.

While about 50 kids took part in the event in 2017, this year was a bit slower, but Ross said the kids were having fun, which was the goal.

This year was Kep Crawley’s first time attending. He took his two daughters to the pond, along with two of his friend’s children.

“It’s Mother’s Day so we take the kids away from mom, give her a little break,” he said.

Crawley said he has been fishing all his life and saw the event at Zenda Pond as a chance to introduce his kids to the pastime.

“This is the perfect opportunity because it’s small. Maybe they’ll become pro – one day hopefully,” he joked.

Following the kids’ turn, the pond will be open to any licensed angler.