YFC bowl-a-thon raises almost $9,000

By Chris Abbott, Postmedia Network


Patricia and Shona Paterson teamed up Saturday to bowl in the annual Youth for Christ bowl-a-thon at Ingersoll Lanes.

"To support Youth for Christ," said Patricia, 46, a regular bowler at Ingersoll Lanes.

"For Youth for Christ," nodded Shona, her younger sister, as their names were called out to go to the prize table.

"Sure!" said Shona, when MC Joe Carney, Ingersoll YFC satellite director, asked if they wanted a prize.

"This is our first fundraiser of the year," said Carney, noting about 50 bowlers participated Saturday. "Our goal was to raise $10,000, so we came close... it was $8,918.

"It's been growing every year. Last year we were in the $9,000s, so this year is very close."

Funds raised by YFC go to outreach programs in Ingersoll, and help cover salaries for three staff. YFC runs a Saturday morning breakfast club, currently held at the Fusion Centre.

The next major YFC fundraiser is in the fall, a golf-a-thon at Craigowan, Sept. 26.

The Patersons bowled on the same lane Saturday with another local trio - sisters Suzanne Stoop and Ellen Esseltine, who teamed up with the top individual fundraiser of the day, Teresa Beekman, who raised $800.

Beekman said she had bowled in past YFC fundraisers but not in recent years.

"I'm not a bowler and no, I did not bowl very well today," Beekman admitted. "It was fun though. We had a lot of fun and it's a great cause so we're happy about that."

Stoop and Esseltine had a friendly fundraising rivalry going into Saturday's event, which Esseltine won.

"She beat me this year,'" said Stoop, who raised $300, topped by Esseltine's $410.

"She beat me last time, this time I beat me her," said Esseltine.

"I just let her win, because..." Stoop winked, and they both laughed.

"I had a couple of late (donations) this morning otherwise it would have been a lot closer," said Esseltine.

Stoop and Esseltine said they both did better raising funds than bowling, although their scores improved in the second game.

"The last time I bowled was a couple years ago when we did this," said Stoop. "I was just hoping to get over 50."

"The last time we did the sister rivalry," said Esseltine. "We went the extra mile today and bowled with no bumpers. I'm really good at gutter balls - I've got that gutter ball down to a science - but it was fun today.

"Shona and Patricia, they bowl every week, so they kept trying to give us tips. Go in the middle, keep your arms straight, go down the middle. They were great coaches."

"We weren't really paying attention to the score but they were definitely trying to keep us on track," said Stoop.

Esseltine stressed the importance of raising funds for Youth for Christ.

"This is such an awesome event to support. They really, really do good work in our town, so we do anything we can to promote their work."

"It's a great cause," Beekman nodded.

"They have such a reach out to so many needy kids and youth," said Esseltine. "So people can't go wrong sponsoring them."