St. James looking to down size

By John Tapley, Ingersoll Times

The building and property are for sale, but St. James Anglican Church in Ingersoll is only looking to down size.

“It’s only the property that’s for sale,” said Cheryl Barr, chair of St. James’ vision implementation committee and a senior warden with the congregation. “Our congregation is becoming smaller, the building is old and we’re just looking to move to a smaller location. The Anglican church will remain a big presence in Ingersoll.”

Barr said the church does a lot of outreach work in the community and “that will absolutely remain the same.”

She said the property went on the market November 6.

“The building is too big for us,” said Barr. “The utilities are high and we just can’t maintain it any longer.”

She said 70 people are turning out to Sunday services, on average.

The congregation hasn’t found a new home and Barr said it will wait for its property to sell before making a decision.

“It will be a long process that we’ll have to go through,” said Barr.

When the building is sold, there will be a de-consecration service, she said.

“That will be our final service in that building,” Barr said.

Barr said the decision to sell was a difficult one, but “we all knew it was inevitable.”

“We’re being proactive so we can maintain that Anglican presence in Ingersoll.”