Town looking at new boundary adjustment proposal

By John Tapley, Ingersoll Times

Ingersoll council plans to hold a special meeting to discuss a new boundary adjustment proposal from the Township of South West Oxford and decided whether or not to reconvene its boundary adjustment committee.

The town dissolved the committee after rejecting a previous proposal from the township.

“We have received a synopsis of a proposal today, and I feel it's favourable,” said Deputy Mayor Fred Freeman when council met on Tuesday, Oct. 10, suggesting the town's boundary adjustment committee be reconvened as soon as possible.

Having received the proposal on Tuesday, Coun. Brian Petrie said he wasn't comfortable with making a decision on reconvening the committee without reviewing it in detail.

“We just received this tonight, I think we need some time to have a look at it,” he said.

Mayor Ted Comiskey said the decision being requested wasn't a finalization of a boundary adjustment.

“This is putting the team back together again,” he said.

Petrie said he is “very skeptical of things SWOX is going to propose to us at this point.”

“I want to understand it fully before going any further,” he said.

Coun. Gord Lesser agreed with Petrie that council should have a special meeting to “see even if we're comfortable generally with what they're proposing.”

Coun Kristy Van Kooten-Bossence said she agrees that a special meeting is needed, but she doesn't want to lose momentum on negotiations.

Deputy Mayor Freeman, who was head of Ingersoll's boundary adjustment committee, said SWOX was asked to supply a summary of its proposal that was “better than a bunch of maps.”

Ingersoll CAO William Tigert said the request for the more detailed proposal was made August 15 and the information was received October 10.

“I'm not sure there's a sense of urgency, at this point,” he said.

Coun. Petrie said SWOX seems to be controlling the time line of negotiations “every step of the way.”

Deputy Mayor Freeman said he asked SWOX for the summary of the proposal for council's October meeting.

“This is not SWOX, this is me,” he said. “I requested it as soon as possible because I will not be at the November meeting. This was my push.”

Council is working at organizing a special meeting within the next two weeks to discuss the issue.