LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Arena shouldn't be on north side

I was recently reading where the town has asked Zorra Township to change the zoning on the land the town might buy from Ms. Young on the north side of the town.

My question would be why the town has basically decided that this is the best place for the new arena. This is just another example of this town council looking to do everything on the cheap. These people have no long-term planning. These guys want to put the arena on the north side of town when most of the roads, schools and new development are going on the south side - not to mention access to the 401, which should be a major factor in any decision if they put the arena out on Clarke Road on land they already own. You have two schools within walking distance and quick access to the 401 and the only hotel in town, which is important when looking to host tournaments.

The two roads leading to the north option are not really suited for high traffic. Yes, I know North Town Line is being fixed. I heard the argument that the town can get this land cheap and sell the land on Clarke Road for more money. So what? Again, another example of trying to do things on the cheap.

Is Zorra Township going to let the town build a new arena on their land with nothing in it for them? They are going to want tax money and who knows what else.

The town spent money fixing up the ball diamonds and couldn't get that right. They put fencing down on the main diamond and you can stand at third base and still throw the ball out of play because the smart people who installed it don't know the game. Balls can go under the fence on the third base side. Then up at Garnet Elliot they put down clay infield but again the ball can go under the fencing on the first base side. Teams come in from out of town to play on these diamonds. Rather embarrassing if you ask me.

Let's have some long-term thinking for once. Let's put the arena where it belongs, not where you might save a few dollars.

Jody Sutherland