Fanshawe's MyPath food service program coming to Ingersoll later this year

By Bruce Chessell, Woodstock Sentinel-Review

Fanshawe College will be bringing one of its modular programs to Ingersoll this fall. The college will hold its food service certificate program through MyPath at the town's Fusion Youth Centre. The program offers students a flexible, short-term, career-specific program option.

"It's the exact same delivery model of the (MyPath) programs that we're offering in Woodstock," student engagement specialist Eric Collins told the Sentinel-Review. "But we're excited to take advantage of the facility in Ingersoll, as well as being in the community where these students are and where the demand for this type of programming is."

Collins said Fanshawe is always listening to community needs and the location of its students. This Fusion Youth Centre, given both the needs of the program and the needs of the student population in Ingersoll, was a great fit.

"(Fusion) has a state-of-the-art kitchen and food prep area on site, which we're excited to be able to take advantage of," Collins said. The modular program also gives students the chance to work with professionals in a specific field.

"It is taught by leaders in their field," Collins said. "People that are working in the field, people who are professionals, people who are in the industry and have a really good working knowledge of the subjects themselves, but the nuances within the job environment, and it really helps our students get a little bit of a step ahead." The program will also permit students to work at their own pace, allowing them to finish school work as fast or as slow as they need to. The first intake period will be starting in the fall. For more information on the MyPath program, visit Fanshawe's website at