Drive shed destroyed by fire in Southwest Oxford Township

By Bruce Chessell, Woodstock Sentinel-Review

A fire completely destroyed a drive shed in Southwest Oxford (SWOX) Township last night.

Oxford County OPP and the SWOX Fire Department responded to a structure fire on Pigram Line early Wednesday morning around 3:48 a.m.

SWOX fire chief Jeff Vanrybroeck said that fire crews arrived to visible flames from the shed.

“Crews worked quickly to bring the fire to rest,” the chief said. “But the extent of the damage was to far gone.”

Vanrybroeck added that the SWOX Fire Department is currently investigating the cause of the fire, adding that fire fighters could not enter the shed because it collapsed in on itself.

The shed was also home to some large farm machinery, and the estimated loss from the fire is $500,000.

OPP Const. Stacey Culbert said that there was mention of a combine within the shed.

“It was a drive shed that housed most of their farming equipment,” Culbert said. “Very quickly that will add up, as well as the loss of the structure itself and whatever else was contained within the shed.”

The police constable also said that fire crews will be demolishing the structure.

“The fire department would have brought in an excavator, and I don’t think they cleared the scene until nine this morning and they will be back and fourth,” she said. “In similar situations they bring in an excavator to look for some evidence to further their investigation, to help them determine what the cause was.

“Generally speaking, the fire department is not going to leave an unsafe structure up,” Culbert added. “Especially when they are wanting to have their fire fighters go in there to do an investigation. They will take it down to the point where they can get in there.”

Police said that Pigram Line, between Daniel Road and Gladstone Drive, remained closed for several hours and the fire is not deemed to be suspicious at this time.